General sites about supernatural fiction:

Free electronic literature sites:

  • Gaslight Etexts (Mt. Royal University, Calgary) — An absolutely cool online anthology of mystery and supernatural stories written between 1800 and 1919.  This site made me a fan of Mt. Royal University.
  • Project Gutenberg — Of course.
  • Project Gutenberg Australia (PGA) — PGA’s SF Project is perhaps the largest online repository of supernatural fiction on the planet.  If you happen to be an inhabitant of North America, however, please be aware that not all of the items on this site are in the public domain for you.
  • Wikisource — Another fine source of supernatural fiction; easily browsed.

Publishing houses:

  • Arkham House — The first major specialist press to deal solely with supernatural fiction, Arkham is now well into its seventh decade.
  • Ash-Tree Press — Named after an M. R. James story, Ash-Tree focuses on the traditional British-style ghost fiction and has brought many long-unavailable works back into print.  In 2010 they started a line of ebooks, which allows you to be the only person on your flight with a Frederic Cowles story on your ebook reader while everyone else has a Dan Brown book on theirs.
  • Dover Publications — Dover is my favorite publishing company on earth. Since 1941, they have published books on an incredibly broad array of topics, including history, language learning, sundial construction, magic tricks, and higher mathematics, in addition to a huge line of inexpensive literary classics.  They also produce the planet’s toughest paperbacks, with covers and bindings capable of looking like new even after having been dropped from thousands of feet, or used as blunt instruments in hand-to-hand combat.* I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Individual authors:


*I’ve lived an unusual life, at times.