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for 8/16/2013:
See You in September

In which Steve reveals the nature of the strange
thing that will devour his schedule during the next two weeks.


Greetings. At the end of the month, I’m moving. It’s not a long distance — only twenty miles or so —  but the process will take up all of my spare time between now and then.

Accounts of Some Strange Disturbances will be back the first week of September. During that month, as the period of decay we call autumn unfurls it’s orangy* shroud across the land, we’ll look at stories by:

  • August Derleth…
  • Margaret Irwin…
  • Nikolai Gogol…
  • …and Charles Dickens

Please be sure to stop by.  Until then, stay safe, and keep plenty of garlic** on hand.

Best wishes, and pleasant dreams,
Steve Luttrell


*It is too a word. I don’t care what lies those repressive spell-checkers are spreading, maaan.
**For all-natural cholesterol control. You didn’t think I was making a vampire reference, did you? Sheesh.