It’s Website Facelift Time

In which Steve reveals this website’s darkest secret (which is not so dark, and not so secret).

Greetings.  I’m going to spend the month of December fixing some display issues that you might have noticed if you’ve viewed “Accounts of Some Strange Disturbances” on a phone or iPad.

Frankly, the WordPress template I’m using looks awful on mobile devices, and I need to do a bit of code nipping and tucking in order to fix it.  This will require the site to be in maintenance mode at certain times, and will pretty much suck up a sizeable chunk of my weekly writing time (Christmas will be sure to devour the rest).

New essays will appear here the first week in January.  Until then, have the happiest of happy holidays, and above all else, avoid walking on the moor during the dark of the moon.*

Best wishes,
Steve Luttrell
December 1st, 2013


*Because you might trip, that’s why.